Your Closet Decluttered and Wrinkle Free

No more frustrating, tangled, overlapping and messy clothes hangers that make it impossible to stay organized. Xangar hanger spacers make it easy to shuffle through and find your clothes while keeping everything orderly. If you appreciate closet organization, you'll love Xangar!

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Xangar Clothes Hanger Spacer in Hand

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Modern Closet Zen

"I can't tell you how lovely it is to look into my walk in closet and see all my clothes clearly" - Liz B.

"My dry cleaning used to get crushed in my closet. Now when I take a shirt out of my closet, it's cleaned, pressed and ready to go." - Scott H.


Closet organization before and after Xangar

How It Works

Xangar Hanger Spacers How It Works

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