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What are Xangars made from?

Xangars are made from a high quality, heavy duty foam. They are durable, flexible and easy to pop onto your closet rod. 

What type of clothes hangers do Xangars work with?

Xangars works with all clothes hangers! Or at least they work with all clothes hangers that we've come across. Pro tip: we thing they work especially well with Huggable Hangers. 

Do I need to uninstall my closet rod to install Xangars? 

Absolutely not! Xangars do not require you to uninstall your closet rod. They simply pop right over any standard closet rod. Xangar is compatible with closet rod diameters of .25" - 1.3"

How do Xangars help organize my closet? 

Xangars is designed for closet organization and can help anyone's closet by creating an orderly closet space. When all your hanging clothes gain space and breathability, you can see each piece of clothing at a glance and easily find what you're looking for. We like to call it #closetzen!

Why is it important to protect your clothes in your closet? 

Plain and simple, closets crush and wrinkle your clothes. If you care about keeping your clothes wrinkle free, if you iron or dry clean your clothes before placing them in your closet, you can understand the frustration that comes with picking an item to wear and discovering it is wrinkled when it shouldn't be. Xangar creates a safe space for your clothes and never lets them get wrinkled. 

How many Xangars do I need? 

It depends on your lifestyle and the size of your closet. 10 Xangars in between 10 hangers take up about 1 foot of space. We recommend using them for your entire closet to keep it well organized. If you have a very small closet, you can use a small amount of Xangars to organize and protect your nicer clothing and dry cleaning.