Mother/Daughter - Debbi/Brittany
company story

Xangar Mother Daughter Founders

My closet was always a mess and driving me crazy. My clothes were disorganized, smashed together and I could never see what clothes I actually had. Instead of seeing all my clothes hanging individually, I saw a blurred mess of color. It became so discouraging trying to simply choose my outfits in the morning. I needed a real solution for closet organization and I got obsessed with finding it. I went online, to pinterest, and to stores to look for a solution for getting my clothes hangers organized. I turned up empty handed. I asked friends, family, and men and women alike if they shared this frustration. It was shocking how many people reported similar issues and wanted a product that would help organize their clothes. So the decision was made: I would make my own.

I made prototypes out of anything I could find. My husband thought I was crazy when he would find me in the closet at 2 a.m. attaching pool noodles and PVC pipe to our closet rod. I was obsessed all over again. I finally came up with a design and hired a designer to make a prototype. I was on my way to creating a product and starting a business.

After building momentum, we received devastating news that my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer so I put the business on hold to care for him. -- Debbie

The Business Was Born

Three years later, Debbie’s husband was still very sick and in need of most Debbie’s attention. At the same time, Brittany, one of Debbie’s twin daughters, who had been in education for many years as an elementary school teacher and educational sales, decided to leave her corporate job in search of a new direction. Brittany had always dreamed of starting a company and had believed in her mother’s idea from the start. She decided it was time to pick up where Debbie left off. As fate would have it, within a few months she met her business partner Gary Cantor, a passionate entrepreneur that encouraged Debbie and Brittany to pursue their business and wanted to join the team to help make it a reality.

The design was perfected, a small team was curated, and Xangar was born.